Ich bin ein Elefant, Madame (1969) – Trailer

Ich bin ein Elefant, Madame

Peter Zadek was one of the most unconventional and one of the greatest directors in German-speaking theater. He also directed just four films for cinema that had a limited success. Undoubtedly his debut film Ich bin ein Elefant, Madame (I Am An Elephant, Madame) directed in 1969 was his better-known work. The film participated in Berlinale of the same year and won the Silver Bear.

Ich bin ein Elefant, Madame follows a class of high school students in 1968 Bremen during their last year at school, their lessons, their protests, their private life. Also focuses in particular on the troublemaker & provocateur Rull who in his apolitical chaotic way takes on both the authoritarian school administration and the leftist protesters.

Ich bin ein Elefant, Madame (2)

For those who are fans of Jean-Luc Godard Maoist / Dziga Vertov period this flick is an absolute gem to watch. Judging just by the trailer the similarities with Godard’s La Chinoise are so obvious and intriguing. Jump-cuts, titles on screen, colorful sets and of course the Little Red Book are all present! Finally it should be noted that the music is by The Velvet Underground & Nico.

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