Would You Be Mine (2015)

Adanowsky is a French director, actor and musician. In April 2014 he released his fourth solo album entitled Ada and one year later he directs and stars in the video clip of its single Would You Be Mine. Everything would seem normal apart from one minor detail, Adanowsky or Adán Jodorowsky is the son of the Chilean surrealist master Alejandro Jodorowsky and his video clip is a pure homage to his father’s work!

Would You Be Mine (1)

Adán Jodorowsky describes Would You Be Mine as simply “Poetic and Erotic” and probably that is the main theme. Of course by being his father’s son, the director goes beyond any political correctness issues. Adán is starring along with the porn actress and writer Stoya in a provocative, orgasmic, anti-religious video that has a cult 80s vibe. You can simply feel how Tinto Brass’ mind could perfectly blend with French electronica immersed into obvious Jodorowskian references in a four minute crazy sacrilegious fuck that doesn’t leave any space to prudery.

Would You Be Mine (2)

Certainly Adán’s influences go beyond that simple explanation since as he “modestly” explains he was inspired by “the decay and the beauty of the world, Fellini, Salvador Dalí, John Waters, Mario Bava, Buñuel, Rembrandt, Mexican folkloric art, Pablo Neruda, Jung, Carlos Castaneda and dreams.” Would You Be Mine follows the right path that any surrealist or simply hardcore Jodorowsky fan would enjoy and recognize. Of course no one should be offended by this video, just because “We are the product of a fuck.”


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