Les Ramoneurs Cérébraux – The Brainwashers (2002)

A man is taken to the doctor’s office, but it’s not for an ordinary checkup. A huge syringe is thrust into his head. Out of the syringe oozes a sticky yellowish liquid that magically gives birth to two pale and sinister men that look like corpses and are dressed as chimney sweeps of the nineteenth century. As true professionals, chimney sweeps perform their work with imperturbable coolness; they are cleaning the brain of their victim in order to erase all his memories. By browsing, they go through several places: a concert hall, a dusty dilapidated tavern, a rickety elevator, a timeless spectacular universe is created where the past and the present merge.

The Brainwashers

Patrick Bouchard is an animator from Quebec, Canada and he is specialized in puppet animation. He made his professional debut in 2002 with the short film Les Ramoneurs Cérébraux The Brainwashers. This strange and chilling animation film, unlike any other produced in Canada, won the prestigius Jutra Award for best animated film in 2003.

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