Io e Te (Εγώ κι Εσύ, 2012)

Ο Bernardo Bertolucci επιστρέφει με ένα συναισθηματικό εφηβικό δράμα και καταφέρνει ακόμα να εντυπωσιάζει τους θεατές του. 

Solitudine (1966)

Solitudine (1966)

Scenes from the experimental short film Solitudine by the Italian independent director Romano Scavolini.

Io e Te (Me and You, 2012)

Bernardo Bertolucci is directing again and his last film Io e Te is an adolescent emotional drama that can still impress the fans of the Italian director. 

Il calcio secondo Pasolini

Football according to Pier Paolo Pasolini is the last sacred ritual of our time. Here is a small collection of his writings on calcio.