Toni Servillo: Behind Grillo there is emptiness

Toni Servillo and Paolo Sorrentino were invited by the Italian TV program Otto e Mezzo in order to promote their last collaboration La Grande Bellezza. During that interview Servillo had the opportunity to strongly criticize Beppe Grillo. The Neapolitan actor was asked if he liked the comedian and now leader of the 5 Stars Movement. His response was:

“I don’t like the language, I don’t like the tone. I think that he proposes an idea of ​​leaderism very old that starts from Masaniello to get to Berlusconi and now himself. There is a lot of violence in his language; too much protest, that is also true, but very little proposal. I have received a different education for the politics and the community. The stage has taught me a morality: from the daily behavior to the collegiality, to listening to those who have more experience and not only destroy and through away everything, but also try to build. I know that I’m creating enemies but I don’t like Grillo. The sovereignty of our country is expressed through the parliament which is democratically elected. I feel that there is an urge of destruction of this sovereignty and behind this urge that is expressed by Grillo there is emptiness.”

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