Lars von Trier: I’m finished as film director

Lars von Trier Politiken

After three years of self-imposed vow of silence, Lars von Trier spoke publicly for the first time. The Danish newspaper Politiken published the last interview of the acclaimed director. Among others, Lars von Trier revealed that he is trying to fight his addiction to drugs and alcohol. Also he is highly concerned if he would be able to produce and direct films in the future without these influences. He said that now he is clean and that he also attends daily the Alcoholics Anonumous meetings.

According to The Guardian’s article, Lars von Trier needed a bottle of vodka on a daily basis in order to help him enter a “parallel world” and he explained that “This world has its price, but I got an enormous amount out of it. Just like all the artists I have respected the most.” Now without any help from alcohol or drugs von Trier fears that he will make only “shitty films”.

The Danish auteur said: “I don’t know if I can make any more films, and that worries me. There is no creative expression of artistic value that has ever been produced by ex-drunkards and ex-drug-addicts. Who the hell would bother with a Rolling Stones without booze or with a Jimi Hendrix without heroin?”

It should be finally been mentioned that he said that he wrote the script for Dogville in 12 days in which he was under drug influence when for his latest two-part opus Nymphomaniac he needed 18 months sober and clean.

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