Ulrich Seidl’s next film is Herr Grasl

Ulrich Seidl, the controversial Austrian director right after his latest documentary In The Basement (Im Keller, 2014), is getting ready for his first costume drama which is entitled Herr Grasl. Seidl who has been widely known for his provocative and contemporary documentaries – Import/Export – and docu-dramas – Paradise: Love, Faith, Hope – is going through a quite different path as his upcoming historical drama is set in the late 18th century. The story it is based on the life of Herr Grasl a local Austrian criminal that acted like Robin Hood and eventually was hanged by the authorities.

Undoubtedly this will be Seidl’s most expensive film to date and the director seems both excited and anxious for the whole process. He also said that he is not planning to use any famous actors since he thinks that they are not comfortable to work following his precise method and without a schedule.

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