Michael Caine stars in Paolo Sorrentino’s new film

Paolo Sorrentino is preparing his new film In The Future and Michael Caine will be the lead actor.

Paolo Sorrentino is already preparing his next film and we already have some random information about this new project. The film will be called In The Future and the protagonist has been confirmed that would be Michael Caine.  The English actor said during a recent interview for the LA Times: “Paolo Sorrentino, the director, came to find me with a script copy entitled In The Future which I will do next year.”

Michael Caine - Viennale (Vienna International Film Festival) 2012 at Gartenbaukino

The Italian helmer hasn’t revealed any other details about his new film. The shooting will start next year and probably the release is set during 2015 according to the initial estimations. It is the second time that Sorrentino is trying to collaborate with an English speaking actor since his first attempt with Sean Penn in This Must Be The Place in 2011. Probably his cast will be enriched during the following days since Paolo Sorrentino will be in Los Angeles in order to promote his latest film La Grande Bellezza which is Italy’s candidate for this year’s Oscars.

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