OUT 1 DVD Release

Out 1 DVD

Jacques Rivette’s magnum opus OUT 1 was till recently another “lost” masterpiece of the digital era. Apart from some limited theater screenings and some quite old analog TV rips, the 13-hour film had never been properly accessed by the public. Finally 42 years after its original release one of the most intriguing film experiments in history has a DVD version.

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OUT 1 was an ambitious project that Jacques Rivette took over early in his career. The film length forced the director to cut it in 8 different episodes that were later broadcasted by the French TV. Jacques Later, Rivette decided to edit his original film in order to produce another shorter version that was entitled OUT 1: Spectre which had duration of just 4 hours and was released in 1974. The original version also known as OUT 1, Noli Me Tangere has been one of the key films of post May ’68 era and one of the last films that were shot and captured the real essence of the Nouvelle Vague.

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According to the German DVD company absolut-MEDIEN the film has been digitally restored with the collaboration of the French-German TV ARTE, the German TV WDR and Jacques Rivette himself. The DVD edition contains both versions of OUT 1 and has won Jury’s Special Prize at the Cinema Ritrovato Festival in Bologna as the Best DVD of 2013.

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