Meurtrière by Philippe Grandrieux

Meurtrière by Philippe Grandrieux Poster

Philippe Grandrieux presents Meurtrière, his second movement of the triptych Unrest whose common thread is anxiety. The trilogy started in 2012 with the film White Epilepsy. Meurtrière is a performance for four female dancers, Hélène Rocheteau, Emilia Giudicelli, Vilma Pitrinaite Francesca Ziviani, and was written and directed by the French director. According to his official presentation of the performance we read:

The theme of Meutrière is “Das Ding” (The Thing).

Das Ding is senseless, insane, intolerable, hysterical, grotesque, phobic, dangerous, brutal, consuming, wild, sexual, unpredictable, staggering, frenetic, atrocious, anxious, frightening,ecstatic, desirable, vulgar, perverse, embarrassing, shameless nervous, obscene, pornographic, sacred, furious, murderous. But above all, Das Ding is without intention…

Philippe Grandrieux

The world premiere of the performance was held in New York last October. Meurtrière will officially premiere on January 29th during the French festival Pharenheit which is held in Le Havre. Grandrieux’s trilogy-in-progress will complete with an installation also entitled Unrest.

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