History of the Arkanar Massacre premieres in Rome

As it has already been reported, Aleksei German’s magnum opus History of the Arkanar Massacre / Hard to be a God, has gone through some major adventures. After the fear of forever losing that pending masterpiece since German’s death, we had the first work-in-progress screening of the film in Moscow, a couple months ago. During that screening German’s son, director Aleksei German Jr. promised that the film will be completed according to his father’s will and in a short time period. Everyone thought that the premiere would be set for a major film festival.

Indeed, a couple days ago, the Rome Film Festival announced that the film will have its official premiere during the 8th edition of the festival. Also Rome has prepared a special project dedicated to Russian cinema’s Trinity, Andrei Tarkovski, Aleksandr Sukurov and Aleksei German, the directors that revolutionized and reformed the language of Russian cinema. Also the festival decided to posthumously honor the Russian filmmaker with its lifetime achievement award, and this is the first major film festival that does something like that.

History of the Arkanar Massacre

Marco Müller, Rome’s artistic director, said about Aleksei German: “He stood by every film in his highly personal opus, which he produced against everyone and everything, in the course of an artistic and philosophical progression that is absolutely mind-boggling.” We should remember that History of the Arkanar Massacre / Hard to be a God was a film prepared by Aleksei German for almost 35 years and it was finally completed by Svetlana Karmalita and Aleksei German Jr.

The 8th edition of the Rome Film Festival will run November 8-17.

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