Bruno Dumont prepares Ma loute

Ma loute is Bruno Dumont’s upcoming burlesque tragicomedy set in the early 20th century in the Northern France.

Bruno Dumont is already preparing his next film which is entitled Ma loute in a period when he is already extremely busy. After P’tit quinquin, his extremely successful mini-series for Arte that also topped the Cahiers du cinéma‘s list of the best 2014 films, the director is finishing another project for Arte, a musical TV film dedicated to to Joan of Arc.

Dumont’s Ma loute is a film for the cinema this time and according to the first information the story is a tragicomedy set in the early 20th century, in a seaside village of Pas de Calais, in the North of France. Two families are living there and they deadly hate each other. The Belforts who are fishermen and cannibals and the bourgeois Van Peteghems who are also thieves. The trouble starts when two of their members Maloute and Billie are having a secret affair while at the same time a series of mysterious disappearances bring to the village two cops to investigate the families.

Bruno Dumont commented that Ma loute: “The farce and the burlesque grab a drama, they bring it to the confines of the reality, to the absurdity and its distorting mirror of ourselves.

The budget of the film is around 7 million Euro and it is predicted to start shooting by the 2015 Summer. Dumont for another time is not leaving his favorite Flandres region as the majority of his filmography, P’tit quinquin, included where filmed there. This will be Dumont’s first film for cinema since Camille Claudel 1915 that competed in Berlin in 2013.

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