Venice 70 Orizzonti – Day #1

The program of the 1st day of the Orizzonti section includes films by Rick Ostermann and Sion Sono.

Wolfskinder Poster

Rick Ostermann’s first feature film Wolfskinder (Wolfschildren) opens this year’s Orizzonti section. The film is set in Germany during the World War II and narrates the story of several orphans from Eastern Prussia organize their survival, hiding from the Soviet occupiers, living in abandoned sites. The director has been already occupied with a similar theme in his first short film Still which you can watch here.


The second film of the day is Sion Sono’s latest feature Jigoku De Naze Warui (Why Don’t You Play in Hell?). The Japanese helmer returns to Venice for the third time after his participation in 2010 with Tsumetai Nettaigyo (Cold Fish) and Himizu in 2011. According to the official synopsis, Muto is a gangster who wants to make his daughter Mitsuko’s dream come true: to act in a movie. Ikegami is Muto’s rival and enemy, but he falls in love with Mitsuko thereby triggering a series of violent and bizarre situations.

Why Don't You Play In Hell

Unfortunately the programed web screening of the film got canceled by the festival, so there will be no review of the film and we have to limit our information only on the trailer till the official release.

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