Trespassing Bergman – Trailer

Trespassing Bergman

Trespassing Bergman is probably this year’s most anticipated documentary for every Bergman fan and premieres tonight in Venice. Directed by Jane Magnusson and Hynek Pallas the documentary focuses on Ingmar Bergman’s home on Fårö island which occupies something of a mythical status among filmmakers. Some of the most well-known directors and actors like Claire Denis, Michael Haneke, Ang Lee, Thomas Vinterberg, Wes Anderson , Ridley Scott, Robert de Niro, Lars von Trier and others visit Bergman’s house and express their feelings and thoughts on his work.

Trespassing Bergman 2

As Alejandro González Iñárritu simply put: “If cinema was a religion then Fårö would be Mecca or the Vatican.

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