Elena (2011)

The Revelation according to Andrei Zvyagintsev doesn’t come after a terrifying future event. It is the already present moral collapse that will bring the inevitable catastrophe. 

Skammen (Shame, 1968)

Ingmar Bergman, in one of his lesser known masterpieces, de-dramatizes a war by transferring all its tragedy to Liv Ullmann, Max von Sydow and inevitably to his audience too. 

Ida (2013)

Paweł Pawlikowski tries to express everything that troubled 60s Poland but his aesthetic austere formalism surpasses the content. 

Volchok (Wolfy, 2009)

Vassily Sigarev's debut feature is a raw violent drama of the destructive relationship between a mother and her daughter. A masterpiece of the Russian New Drama.