La photographie, c’est la vérité,
et le cinéma, c’est 24 fois la vérité par seconde

European Arthouse, Obscure Cinema, Hidden Gems

Welcome to my blog,

I am a freelance film critic and hardcore cinephile from Greece. Since 2010 I have been writing for my personal bilingual website 24 fois la vérité par seconde where I am trying to explore and introduce lesser known and hidden films to my readers. My main expertise is in the field of arthouse independent films and especially in the French, Italian and Eastern European cinema.  I am mainly a self-taught researcher and I have attended courses of documentary and film criticism at Scuola Holden in Turin, Italy. I have participated at Sarajevo Talents, and in Nisimazine workshops and I have been accredited to a various international film festivals. I am also collaborating with multiple international outlets and in the past I was contributing as film critic for a couple Greek film portals. Finally I am always searching for new cinematic trends and discoveries.

Vassilis Economou

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