Nymphomaniac Appetizer – Chapter 5

Nymphomaniac Chapter 5: The Little Organ School

A chorale prelude by Bach: Three voices each with its own character, but in complete harmony. In other words:

The nymphomaniac is easily inspired, and acts it out.

Our monthly treat by Lars von Trier has arrived and we can get another piece of his upcoming Nymphomaniac. We have finally arrived at the fifth chapter and things are getting hotter and even more provocative. This time is Stacy Martin’s (and Shia LaBeouf’s) turn to be nude on screen. Her sex scenes are blended by the sounds of a Johann Sebastian Bach’s prelude written for celestial organ. At the same time the nature close or inside her is struggling between her wild animal killer instincts and the mental and spiritual evolution of the Homo Erectus. It is inevitable that in the end harmony and polyphony will conquer them all, or not?

Nymphomaniac Chapter 5

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