Biennale College 2015 Selection

The Biennale College – Cinema winners of the third edition have been announced. The Biennale College has been one of the most interesting projects of Venice Film Festival. Each year three mini-budget films are selected in order to be produced and screened for the next festival. The selection has been made out of 12 previously selected projects. Each film will be funded with 150,000 euro and it will be screened at the 72nd Venice Film Festival.

The 3 projects, chosen are:


Baby Bump from Poland, Kuba Czekaj director and Magdalena Kaminska producer. An 11-year-old boy is sexually transformed and during that procedure a dark force takes control of his life.


Blanka from the Japanese director Kohki Hasei and produced by the Italian Flaminio Zadra will be shot in Philippines. An 11-year-old girl that has been abandoned by her own mother decides to travel in order to find and buy a new one.


The Fits from U.S.A., Anna Rose Holmer director and Lisa Kjerulff producer. Toni is a 13-year-old dancer whose body betrays her when some mysterious spells affect her dance troupe.

It should be noted that the 9 projects that weren’t selected for the final workshop will receive support and opportunities in collaboration with IFP, TorinoFilmLab and others.

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