Nanni Moretti’s New Film

Nanni Moretti returns on set after three years of absence with his new film entitled Mia Madre (My Mother). The Italian helmer directed his last film Habemus Papam in 2011 and since then he was just focused in the film production through his company Sacher Film. According to the news coming from Italy, Moretti will start shooting by the end of January in different locations in Rome. For the role of the protagonist, the director chose Margherita Buy and this will be their third consecutive collaboration since Il Caimano (The Caiman, 2006).

Nanni Moretti - Margherita Buy

As it is accustomed Moretti doesn’t reveal much information about his upcoming work but it is already known that he co-wrote the screenplay with Francesco Piccolo and Valia Santella. The story revolves around Buy’s character as she plays the female alter ego of the famous Italian director who is going through a serious artistic, professional and existential crisis. This process affects inevitably her family in a rather tragicomic way. Moretti himself will play her brother and Elena Cotta will appear as their mother, as the title suggests.

The only comment on Mia Madre that came from Moretti a couple months ago was that with this film he wants to “describe our confusion, depict our difficulty to understand and narrate a cultural and social crisis that regards everybody”. There is no set date of release  but probably we won’t expect the film to be ready prior to 2015.

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