Agüero’s Evita Starts in January

Pablo Agüero’s upcoming film Evita is set to start filming in January. Gabriel Garcia Bernal and Denis Lavant are the lead actors.

Argentinian director Pablo Agüero has been preparing his upcoming film Evita at least for the past two years. Initially the film was scheduled to start shooting earlier this year but according to Variety’s article, the film will probably start in January.

Evita Peron

The story is based on the eerie odyssey of the embalmed corpse of former Argentine First Lady Evita Peron around Europe from 1952 to its burial in Argentina 25 years later. Initially Mia Maestro accepted to play Evita but due to some scheduling conflicts she will not appear in Agüero’s film. According to the same report the director hasn’t yet found any replacement for the role.

It is already confirmed that Gael Garcia Bernal as Admiral Emilio Eduardo Massera, Denis Levant and Daniel Fanego will play the lead roles while Imanol Arias has recently been added to the cast.

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